qp        Quality Pet's goal is to provide the best     

quality fish, birds, small animals and supplies to     

pet stores in the southern plains delivery area. We                          

strive to maintain an incredibly diverse selection  at

competitive prices with professional service from our 

experienced sales staff.

 What is Quality Pets?

        Quality Pets is a live pet and pet supply wholesaler. We serve pet stores throughout the southern plains. We're located in Oklahoma City near the historic Stockyards.

Can I buy from Quality Pets?

        If you own a pet store in our delivery area, PLEASE CHECK OUT  and FILL OUT ONE OF OUR NEW CUSTOMER FORMS. Or contact our New Accounts Representative Nancy Malone (remove <nospam> from address) or call at (405) 272-1091 extension 121. Otherwise, feel free to browse around and check out some of the cool stuff or the FAQ.

A Bit of Our Company History

        On the 12th day of February 1986, Quality Pets  was established.  As Quality Pets aged with an ambitious force and extreme quality control standards the company experienced many transitions, from expanding our livestock and product lines.
    Our sales department is in-house and all orders are generated by phone or fax.
We are striving to make valuable information available at your finger tips to help answer questions for your customers and to provide assistance when forming your orders.

        My name is (Shawn McCarty) and I have the honor of being the new Quality Pets, Inc. web-designer.  In the coming months I aim to enhance your Q.P.I. web experience.  I will be making updates to many areas of the site such as; monthly specials, new product lines, livestock additions and educational information regarding our inventory.  I will be requesting interaction from all of our departments, our sister branches and feedback from our customers is a must. Questions regarding this web page should be directed to  webmaster@qualitypets.com Specific questions to sales staff or inquiries regarding products etc. should be directed towards gensales@qualitypets.com or e-mail your sales rep using their first name @qualitypets.com, i.e.; rick@qualitypets.com.  Happy Surfing!

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